Saint Luke Church

     Westport, Connecticut

    Liturgical Ministries



The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy tells us that the "active participation of the faithful in the liturgy is the aim to be considered before all else."  While this speaks to the participation of the whole assembly through posture, gesture, spoken and sung responses and attentive silent prayer, certain members step forward to take on particular roles in service to the prayer of the assembly.  If you are interested in offering your service in one of these Liturgical Ministries, please contact the Parish Office at (203) 227-7245.



Welcomes people as they arrive for weekend Masses; distributes bulletins and says goodbye as people leave.



Responsible for seating people at weekend Mass; for overseeing the comfort and safety of the assembly and for taking up the collection.
Also performs the duties of Greeter when needed.



Proclaims the Scripture readings at Mass.


Eucharistic Minister *   

Distributes the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass.


Eucharistic Minister to the Sick/Homebound *

Brings Holy Communion to those who cannot be with us at Mass; Sundays and/or weekdays.

*   By invitation of the Pastor.  Candidates for Minister of the Eucharist must be a Roman Catholic at least 16 years of age, have received all three sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) and be living a life in harmony with the teachings of the Catholic faith.



Assists the priest at Mass as Crossbearer, Candle Bearer, Book Bearer, etc.  This ministry is open to boys and girls 4th grade or older.


Adult Server for Weekend Masses and/or Weekday Funerals

Assists the priest at Mass as Crossbearer, Candle Bearer, Book Bearer, etc.  This ministry is open to both women and men. 


In addition to the ministries listed above, which are carried out within the actual celebration of the Mass, certain other ministries serve the Liturgy by preparing the physical places and items that are used in the various celebrations.  Here too, if you wish to offer your services in one of these ministries, please contact the Parish Office at (203) 227-7245.


Flower and Decoration Committee

Prepares the church, altar and sanctuary to enhance our worship.
Extra help is always welcomed before Christmas and Easter.


Sacristan/Altar Guild

Assist with the weekly cleaning of the Sacristy, Vestry and Sanctuary; clean and refill the Holy Water fonts.


Sacristan/Sacred Linens and Vesture

Wash, starch, and iron weekly the linens that are used for Communion at Mass.  Check for cleanliness of altar server robes and take to cleaners as needed.


Votive Candle Stand Attendant

Cleans the votive candle stand weekly.