Saint Luke Church

     Westport, Connecticut

    Special Celebrations



Several times during year, we mark significant moments both happy and sad in the lives of our parishioners by observing a special theme within the context of one of our weekend liturgies.  Planned and presented by our Parish Liturgy Commission, the celebrations are followed by a reception in our Community Room.  Families and friends, of course, are always encouraged to attend.  Using the approximate times given below as a guide, check our News and Events Page for information on any upcoming celebrations.

Bereavement Mass (a Saturday evening in late October or early November) Each year, near the twin Feasts of All Saints and All Souls, we gather to remember our family members who have died during the past year.  Our remembrance includes those whose funerals were celebrated here at Saint Luke and other members of our parishioners' families, to the extent that we have been informed of their passing.  Our parish "Book of Remembrance" is also made available so that parishioners may inscribe the names of their deceased loved ones to be remembered in our parish prayer during the month of November.

New Life Mass (a Sunday morning in mid-January) With the beginning of each new year, we take time to rejoice with our families who have brought the gift of New Life into the world by the birth or adoption of children and celebrated new spiritual life in baptism during the previous year.  Our celebration also affirms the pivotal and irreplaceable responsibility that parents have as the first teachers of their children in a life of faith, prayer and good works.  Couples who are expecting a child at the time of the Mass are also invited to participate; a special blessing will be offered for them as well.

Sweethearts' Mass (a Saturday evening near Valentine's Day) The purpose of this celebration is twofold: First, we pay tribute to couples who have exemplified the faithful living of their marriage sacrament and who are now celebrating a major wedding anniversary (10, 15, 20, 25 years and so on...).  Second, we ask God's blessing on our engaged couples that they may be strengthened in the Christ-like love that will lead them to their wedding day and sustain them for a long, happy and holy marriage. 

Anointing Mass (celebrated on a Saturday evening in January, April, July and October date varies) One of the most beautiful gifts given to us by the Second Vatican Council is a renewed understanding of and appreciation for the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.  No longer referred to as "Extreme Unction," nor delayed until the very last moments of life, this Sacrament brings to the sick the compassion of Christ the Divine Physician and the healing power of God's love.  We invite those who are seriously or chronically ill and those who are about to undergo surgery to receive this anointing in this quarterly (January, April, July, October) communal celebration.