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 Dear fellow Catholic and fellow Saint Luke Parishioner,

 The reason you are being invited to dinner with Jesus is rooted in the traditions that created the Catholic Church in the first place and have sustained and revitalized it over the centuries.

 Being Catholic these days is challenging. Living in a town where your time and energy are pulled in so many different directions is very demanding and can sometimes be very stressful. Making a space for your spiritual life in an increasingly secular society is equally difficult.

 We are part of the largest spiritual community on earth. At the same time, how many opportunities do we have to connect to one another as followers of Jesus Christ? How often do we intimately share the joys, the sorrows, the achievements and the challenges of our faith with one another? How close can we get to one another over a once-a-week nod or smile after Mass or the briefest of exchanges in the parking lot at church?

You know, the word "church" means "community"  - a community of believers. It did not start out defining buildings and liturgies and ceremonials. In the earliest days of our faith after Our Lord died on the cross, many of Jesus' followers felt lost, abandoned, alone. He had kindled in the people He touched the fire of hope and faith and love. That flame was nourished and thrived in the intimacy of the homes of the first Christians.

What saved His message of Good News and laid the true foundation of what is now the spiritual life of billions, was a simple act of sharing faith that He himself had modeled for us and which is today the cornerstone of our practice as Catholics. What we call the Mass is, at its heart, the act of breaking bread and drink while remembering Him and also connecting to one another as His followers on the same spiritual journey. It is a reminder that, through Him, here among His flock, we are never alone.

We believe that wherever we gather in His name, there is God's love. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is our public, formal, ceremonial expression of the faith we share. Bringing that same idea down to the close, personal, and intimate level of a living room or dining room in small groups gives us the opportunity to revitalize the foundations of our faith one close-knit unit at a time.

By sharing our time, our love for Christ and for one another, and our personal faith journey with eight to twelve fellow parishioners over a table we can not only connect to the beginnings of our faith, we can also get to know one another in the context of our faith.

The formula is as simple as it has always been. A simple meal. Conversation. A brief reflection on the faith we share but experience each in his or her own way.

The result is powerful. A reminder that here, in this community of believers, we are never alone. Jesus is with us. We are there for one another in support of the spiritual life that is at the center of that which we believe and share.

Once a week we attend a kind of formal breakfast with Jesus. This is your invitation to dinner with Our Lord and with a small new circle of friends in Christ.  Pass it on.


Saint Luke Home Gatherings - How it works

  Someone volunteers to host

  Typically, Friday or Saturday evenings are best for Father Andy's schedule

  The host invites 6-10 people; either people they know, people who signed up as attendees, or a combination of the two

  We help coordinate the invitees and the details

  The meal can be a sit-down dinner, a buffet, or a totally informal gathering over pizza boxes or such. There is no pressure or protocol; whatever is the host's preference or predisposition

  A pot-luck buffet is also a great way for everyone to participate

  Monsignor Andy attends as a guest and offers either an intimate coffee table Mass or Evening Prayer

  A Parish Advisory Council member serves as facilitator of the after-meal conversation

  If the host would prefer to lead the conversation, we respectfully request a brief conversation with: Jeff Ford ( or John Krubski ( ) or just contact:

  Questions can also be directed to the parish office:  203.227.7245