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Registering in our Parish

Saint Luke Parish is responsible for the spiritual care of all Catholics living within the geographical area formed by the following boundaries:

WEST:  Bounded by Hillspoint (beginning at Long Island Sound) and Roseville Roads as far north as Cross Highway

NORTH:  Along Cross Highway to the Fairfield Town Line; in Fairfield: from the point where Cross Highway and the Merritt Parkway meet, along the Merritt Parkway to Redding Road

EAST:  South along Redding Road and Bronson Roads to Cedar Road; west on Cedar Road to Hulls Highway; south along Hulls Highway to Westway Road to Long Island Sound

SOUTH:  The shore of Long Island Sound between the southern ends of Westway and Hillspoint Roads

Families living in this area are invited to register by calling our Parish Office.  A registration packet with a census card, a response envelope, a listing of ministries and volunteer opportunities and a copy of the current weekly bulletin will be mailed.

Families living outside our parish boundaries are welcome to join Saint Luke Parish but, as a necessary courtesy, are asked to request and present a letter from the pastor of the parish territory in which they reside.  This letter acknowledges the pastor's willingness to allow Saint Luke Parish to assume the spiritual care of the individual or family seeking to register with us.  By mutual agreement between the Pastors, this letter is waived for Westport residents living within the boundaries of Assumption Parish.

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Stewardship is not just a fancy word for Church finances; it's an attitude, a spirituality, a way of recognizing God's abundant gifts to us and living life generously by sharing what God has given.  In regard to the life of the parish, its ministries, activities, staff and facilities would simply not be possible without the generosity of our parishioners in sharing the gifts of their time and talents with us.  Please be sure to look over the many opportunities on our People to People, Liturgical Ministries and Music Ministries pages and become involved in the life of our Parish.

Financial Support of the Parish

The Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us that "The faithful also have the duty of providing for the material needs of the Church, each according to his abilities" (CCC, 1351).  We respectfully ask our parishioners to demonstrate a responsible sharing in the life and work of our parish by making regular and identifiable contributions through the collections which are taken up on Sundays and certain other days of the year.  One's gift should be in proportion to the blessings that each of us has received from God.  We encourage your use of the familiar system of envelopes provided by the parish as the means of making your weekly contribution. 

  • For your convenience, you may now arrange to have our office charge your contributions each month to any of your major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express . (Sorry, we are not equipped to accept Debit cards.)
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(Annual statements of contributions for income tax purposes can be provided only for registered parishioners who make identifiable contributions by envelope, credit card or check.)

As part of the fulfillment of our responsibilities of stewardship, Saint Luke Parish provides our parishioners with a complete Financial Report each September. 

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Arranging for Masses

It is a beautiful and time-honored practice that the Catholic faithful request that a Mass be offered for living or deceased persons, or in requesting or giving thanks to God for a particular blessing.  Masses may be arranged by calling the Parish Office at (203) 227-7245 during regular office hours Monday through Friday, or by stopping in at our "Weekend Office" (located in the Religious Formation Office) after weekend Masses.  There are two ways in which the requested Mass may be offered:

ANNOUNCED The Mass is arranged to be celebrated at a particular date and time here at Saint Luke Parish.  The customary minimum  offering is $10.  A complimentary card is provided if notice of this Mass is to be sent to a person other than the one who requests the Mass.

UNANNOUNCED The Mass requested will be celebrated at the convenience of the priests of Saint Luke Parish or by another priest of the Diocese of Bridgeport.  The minimum customary offering is $5.  A complimentary card is likewise provided if notice of this Mass is to be sent to a person other than the one who requests the Mass.

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Sponsor Letters

In order to attest to one's suitability to serve as a sponsor/godparent for Baptism or Confirmation, a Catholic is typically asked to provide a letter stating that he or she is known by the clergy of his or her parish to be: (1) a registered member of the parish which is being asked to provide the letter; (2) of sufficient age and fully-initiated in the Catholic Church (that is, at least 16 years old and having received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist), and (3) a person who regularly attends Mass and lives a life which is exemplary of the Catholic faith.  The Parish Office is pleased to provide these certificates to parishioners who meet these minimum criteria.  (For more information on the role of godparents/sponsors, please see "Godparents" on the Sacraments page.)

PLEASE do not embarrass yourself or our staff by insisting that we provide such a letter when you do not meet these requirements;  we will not sign our names to something that is not true!

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