Saint Luke Church

     Westport, Connecticut

    Prayer Line



People place a great trust in Jesus’ promise to hear the prayers of those two or three or more who join their voices to pray for others (see Matthew 18:19).  Thus, it is truly impressive — and humbling — to realize what trust people place in us when they ask us to pray for them, to be their voice before God.  We should not let that trust go ignored! 

Will YOU become a prayer partner?
All you have to do is promise to pray by name for the people on our list each day, using the prayer that appears below.  We ask prayer partners to check this web page each Monday for a current list of people to be prayed for.  There’s perhaps no greater gift and service that we can offer one another than that of our prayers, especially for those who are in need.  Another advantage to this ministry: anyone can participate! – and, there’s no meetings or training required! 

Would you like our Prayer Partners to pray for someone?
Please call the Rectory Office at 227-7245 to have a name included on the list.  Please note: names of the sick will remain on the list for four weeks and then be removed.  If the person's illness continues beyond that time, we will gladly re-publish the name; just call the Rectory Office to inform us.  Names of the Deceased will remain on the list for one month after the date of death.


Prayer for Saint Luke Parish

Gracious and loving God,
    you have given us Saint Luke to be our patron and model.

As physician, he brought your healing and compassion to the sick.
As evangelist, he brought the good news of your mercy
    to the poor and the sorrowing.
As faithful disciple, he taught us how to leave all things for the sake of
    your Kingdom and to pray with complete trust in you.

Through his intercession,
    bring healing to the sick
    (especially:  – here mention the names of the sick on the list below);
    bring comfort to the lonely and the sorrowing;
    give peace to the troubled and the dying,
    grant eternal rest to those whom you have called from this life
    (especially: – here mention the names of the deceased on the list below).

Bless all the members of our Parish, our clergy and our staff;
    fill us all with the Spirit of your compassion
    that we may generously show your love to all who are in need.

We make our prayer through Christ, our Lord.


Names of the Sick and Homebound Names of the Deceased

Bud Adams
Howard Barnaby
Patricia Bigge
Leah Boland
Thomas Chestaro
Neil Croarkin
William Crowther
Msgr. Stephen DiGiovanni
Charlie French
Clair Ford
Allison Gazerro
Tracy Genovese
Kara Guinan

Mary Henrickson
Matthew Kokoszka
Greg Landow
Adelaide McGuinness
Samuel Molina
Lisa O'Rourke
Joann Rogers
Paul Schiavone
Antoinette and Mary Sposito
Evelyn Sweetnam
Margie Tetreault
Lorry Weinstein
Pat Wettach

Father John P. Baran
Mary Lou Benn
Claude Bowlin
Judge Daniel Caruso
Fr. Marty Nikodem
Arlene Savage
Ben De Ipolyi
Dr. Paul Spiekermann

Latest Update:  Saturday, 24 March 2018