Saint Luke Church

     Westport, Connecticut

    Children's Liturgy



The Children's Liturgy of the Word is offered each Sunday at the
9:00 and the 11:00 am Masses.

Everyone gathers for Mass as usual.  After the Introductory Rites conclude with the Opening Prayer, the priest invites all the children in the assembly to come forward.  The Adult Catechist receives the Children's Lectionary (Book of Readings) from the priest and leads the children to the Community Room.  Once there, the children hear the same readings of the day as the adult assembly, but in language more suited to their understanding.  The trained adult catechist then leads the children in reflection and teaching on the readings.  After concluding with the recitation of the Creed and prayer, the children rejoin the assembly for Eucharist in the main church while the collection is being taken up. Some of the children may serve as presenters of the gifts of collection, bread and wine.

Children are welcome to serve as Readers, and adults as Catechists, for this special weekly liturgy.  Please call Mrs. Judy Torska at the Parish Office (203) 227-7245 to find out more.